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JERUSALEM Jordan Clarkson Lakers Jersey , June 28 (Xinhua) -- Errant projectile from Syria hitthe Israeli-controlled Golan Heights on Wednesday night, Israel'sarmy said, in the fourth incident of fire spillover from Syria overthe past week.

"A projectile hit an open area in the northern Golan Heights," amilitary spokesperson said in a statement, adding that no injuriesor damage have been reported.

"The projectile fire is errant and is a result of the internalfighting in Syria Jerry West Lakers Jersey ," the statement read.

The incident marked the fourth time that a spillover from thewar-torn country hit northern Israel, without causing damage orinjuries.

On Monday, the military said it had identified heavy machine gunbullet holes in a post of the United Nations Disengagement ObserverForce (UNDOF), which maintains the 1974 ceasefire between Israeland Syria.

The post is located near the community of Zivanit, adjacent tothe disputed border between Syria and Israel.

A day earlier James Worthy Lakers Jersey , the Israeli military said it attacked twoartillery positions and an ammunition truck, both belonging to theSyrian army, after several projectiles hit the Israeli-held GolanHeights.

No injuries or damage were reported but as a precautionarymeasure, the army asked civilians to refine from gathering near theborder area.

A similar incident occurred on Saturday, as 10 projectiles hitan open field in the Israeli-held Golan Jamaal Wilkes Lakers Jersey , causing no injuries ordamage.

In response, Israel's air force attacked posts of the Syrianarmy. Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported that severalpeople were killed in the strikes, including at least twocivilians.

The army believes that all of the cross-border fire incidentswere a result of a spillover from the fighting in Quneitra, next tothe border.

According to SANA, the battles in this region are betweenPresident Bashar Assad's army and the Nusra Front Jabari Brown Lakers Jersey , a Salafist rebelgroup in Syria.

Errant fire from the Syria, which is fighting a six-year-longwar, has occasionally been spilling over to Israel, usually causingno casualties or damage.

Israel often retaliated the mortars with airstrikes.

Israel had repeatedly declared it would not intervene in theinternal fighting in Syria.

However, it is widely believed that Israel often carried outairstrikes on weapons convoys in Syria Elgin Baylor Lakers Jersey , and has been providingmedical treatment to hundreds of wounded Syrians who reached theborder. Enditem

Florida Keys kayak rentals can enjoy every types of water body ranging from swampy to lowlands and from fresh to salty. Paddling trips in Florida according to the difficulty level:

Lofton Creek:

Lofton Creek is located in Yulee. It is hardly 5 miles from I-95 on A-IA. This swampy black water creek is situated on the south of St Mary’s river. It is crowded with fresh and salty species of marine life. Nassau River tides pushes alligators and, turtles heavily into the creeks. Pickerel weeds and Spider Lilies which are some of the aquatic plants cover oak, pine and bald Cypress trees situated on the sides of the water. The low water current goes in the opposite direction of the tides hence Kayaks find it easy while paddling towards the north of A-IA Bridge. Kayaking when get ready with Melton .O. Nelson boat starts with A-IA Bridge, take a right turn, paddling towards north and reach a train trestle and then to page dairy’s farm Rd. Bridge from where they tale a U turn and complete the round in ninety minutes to 120 minutes.

St. Mary’s River:

This river acts as a separating line for the two states. It is a long river. It originates from Okefenokee Swamp and moves towards South and then after a short distance turns east and then towards the north direction. Once more through the north direction reaches Folkston Dennis Rodman Lakers Jersey , Georgia and finally turning towards the east merging in the big Atlantic Ocean. On one end it is not very wide, however on the other end 120 miles downstream, it is approximately half a mile wide and joins the Cumberland sound. Many streams of water bodies joins the river St. Mary river which gives a confusing look for the Florida keys kayaking tours people performing their activity. The lower part of St. Mary’s keeps changing its direction after every six hours because of the tides. Before entering into this river, have an adequate knowledge about the wind flow, tides and climatic conditions. Because with the increasing width of the river D'Angelo Russell Lakers Jersey , difficulties for paddlers worsens Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Coastal birds, Turtles, Manatees and the alligators etc. resides in the river.

Egans Creek:

This tidal marshy creek is located in Amelia Island. Before joining the Amelia River it passes along the boundaries of Ft. Clinch State Park and finally joins Cumberland Sound. However whole range of aquatic life is visible here, but this area is famous for Roseate Spoonbills .If you are starting from the high tide area of Egan’s Creek park situated on Atlantic Avenue DAngelo Russell Lakers Jersey , then you can opt for either of the paths – main part of the creek or the roadways over the tree line at Ft. Clinch State Park. And if you want to come back then, following the tree line, take any 5 initial turns through the marshy areas, and be back to the main part of the creeks. Then there take a right turn and go to 14th Street Bridge or through under the bridge joining the Amelia River. There paddlers have to follow the surpassing tides and reach Bartels Boat Ramp which is 2.75 miles if he follows the creek line and 3.5 miles if he follows the tree line. And if he follows the bridge route, he can save his energy by shortening the route by 8 miles. However a person has to be very careful as the currents are very high and swift with hindrances all over the route.

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