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The Israeli representative of German shipbuilder

Ukraine on Wednesday detained a young Russian activist on suspicion of organising sabotage during pro-Kremlin protests in which she claims to have shot and wounded several people.

Ukraine's SBU security service said that 22-year-old Maria Koleda had been arrested in southern Ukraine "while carrying out a mission from the (Russian) secret services to destabilise the situation".

When arrested Nike Air Presto Blue Sale , Koleda was carrying written instructions on how to train sabotage groups, as well as a non-lethal pistol that had been adapted to fire live ammunition, the SBU said.

Local media reported that several people were shot during clashes on Monday outside government offices in the southern city of Mykolayiv between pro-Russians and supporters of the new authorities in Kiev.

During the incident, Koleda "used firearms and in her own words wounded three," the security service said.

It said Koleda had told her Russian "spymaster" that her fighters had an "unlimited supply" of home-made explosives.

It said Koleda was sending a 13-person "sabotage group" to the eastern city of Donetsk Nike Air Presto Purple Sale , where pro-Kremlin protesters took over government offices at the weekend and declared independence.

Russian media reported that she had switched sides from a radical opposition group to supporting Kremlin policies.

Koleda can be seen posing in khaki clothes with an army-issue sniper's rifle on her VKontakte social networking page, her red hair in a pony tail.

The wife of radical opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov, Anastasia Udaltsova, questioned Koleda's mental health, writing on Twitter that she "has been crazy in the head since she was about 15."

The news website said Koleda had been a member of radical groups Other Russia and the Avant Garde of Red Youth before switching to a pro-Kremlin group Nike Air Presto Red Sale , Young Russia.

In 2008, Koleda took part in a raid by Other Russia activists on the Russian foreign ministry.

Other Russia activist Andrei Pesotsky told website: "Koleda got involved in politics at 13 and frequently changed her views."

He described her as "inclined to militarism".

Koleda writes on her social networking page that she graduated from a Moscow university last year after studying gender politics and juvenile law.

In her last post on VKontakte, written in the early hours of Wednesday, Koleda wrote a message to pro-Russian protesters: "Don't despair... everything is ahead."

The post included photographs from Kiev and Mykolayiv this month.


PHNOM PENH, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Cambodian health ministry Nike Air Presto Grey Sale , with the support from several international organizations, is investigating a number of HIV cases which have occurred among villagers in Roka commune of northwest Cambodia's Battambang province, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Thursday.

The ministry has been conducting the probe with the support of WHO, the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, UNAIDS Nike Air Presto Black Sale , UNICEF and Pasteur Institute in Cambodia, said a joint statement released by WHO and the Cambodian health ministry.

The statement said the group has been carrying out a full epidemiological investigation to determine the source, extent and chain of transmission of HIV infection.

"The Cambodian government will provide access to voluntary and confidential counseling and treatment services for all those who need it," said Cambodian health minister Mam Bunheng. "A complete investigation into this outbreak will be carried out with full technical assistance given by Pasteur Institute in Cambodia, WHO Nike Air Presto Essential Sale , US CDC, UNAIDS and UNICEF."

"I urge everyone to stay calm and avoid listening to or spreading rumors," he said. "We should also all fully respect the privacy of the affected families and ensure they do not face stigma and discrimination."

Hundreds of residents in Roka commune of Battambang province have flocked to have their blood tested for HIVAIDS at the commune health center since Dec. 8 after report of the mass infections emerged, Hei Sik, head of a local HIVAIDS test program in the commune , said.

As of Wednesday, 775 villagers had been tested for the virus and 106 of them were confirmed positive for HIV, he said, adding that the HIV-positive people are aged from 3 years old to 82.

According to Hei Sik, villagers suspected that the mass infections were caused by a village medical practitioner Nike Presto Shoes Sale , who might have used contaminated medical tools such as needles to inject different patients.

The provincial police said the suspected medical practitioner had willingly came to the police station on Wednesday for questioning after escaping following news of mass HIV spreading.

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday morning ordered experts to thoroughly look into the case and called on the public not to panic over the incident.

"Up to this hour, I still do not believe that such mass HIV infections could happen, it is unbelievable that 106 out of about 800 villagers were tested positive for HIV," he said during a graduation ceremony of students at the Royal University of Agriculture.

"We should not hurry to conclude that they were infected with HIV; it needs to look into the case thoroughly," he said Nike Air Presto Sale , ordering experts to double-check HIV testing devices for their accuracy.

Hun Sen also ordered the police to protect the safety of the suspected medical practitioner and his family to avoid from being killed by angry mob.

"The village practitioner is the track of evidence for an investigation into the case. If he is killed, the investigative track will be gone," he said.

BEIJING, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- China's treasury bond futures closed higher on Wednesday, with the contract for settlement in September 2017 closing 0.1 percent higher at 97.29 yuan (about 14.6 U.S. dollars).

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