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"Blockchain will not be a side product

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) Men's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 2 Mids Grey Blue , the country's central bank, remains cautious about allowing banks to offer remote account services based on facial recognition technology. (PhotoSouthern Metropolis Daily)
The People's Bank of China (PBOC), the country's central bank, remains cautious about allowing banks to offer remote account services based on facial recognition technology, according to Fan Shuangwen Men's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 2 Father to Son Mids Pacific Europa , an official from the bank.

Fan held discussions on the matter with industry representatives at the Tsinghua PBCSF Global Finance Forum on May 24, the 21st Century Business Herald reported Tuesday

"The real-name requirement for bank accounts must continue to be implemented," Fan said. "What new technologies can do to replace face-to-face checks over the counter is worth discussing."

Earlier this year, the PBOC drafted a guideline on remotely opening bank accounts and convened a meeting of commercial banks to discuss the matter. Afterwards, many state-owned banks Men's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 1 MVP Mids Black White Gold , joint-equity banks and Internet-based private banks began developing remote account-opening processes based on facial recognition technology.

The PBOC has also conducted a series of studies, but remains silent about procedures and standards. Commercial banks must get the central bank's nod before they can go ahead with pilot programs.

Fan says the central bank is very cautious in this regard, because account opening is vital to the fight against money laundering.

China should work out the technical standard for facial recognition technology before any financial standard can be made and implemented, Fan said.

For every Indian woman, the most auspicious day of her life is her wedding day. This is the day when she wishes and even manages to look the best. For every Indian woman Men's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 1 Mids Grey Black , the most auspicious day of her life is her wedding day. This is the day when she wishes and even manages to look the best. She also prefers being the most striking and stands out from the crowd of men and women wearing the best of their wedding occasion attire in glittering colours. The ongoing trend of purchasing designer wear has resulted in many Indian brides looking forward to get hold of the best of the upmarket designs and fabrics for their wedding day.
Wedding dresses in India varies according to the region, culture, religion, and class. The bride and people from bride‚Äôs side select clothing and accessories that matches their heritage and traditions. The best among the best  >apparel manufacturers are consulted before the D-day.
Wedding parties and special occasions happening in India witnesses a long list of rituals and customs. Even the wedding itself happens over a time frame of at least 4-5 days. Different rituals taking place in a Hindu marriage ceremony include the commencement, sangeet Men's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 1 Mids White Royal Yellow , haldi, wedding, and reception program. One needs to select different attire for each of these ceremonies. Unlike the western bride who needs just the wedding dress, the Indian counterpart needs one attire each for the main occasions happening as a part of the whole wedding program. For example, one can choose lehenga for her ring ceremony and designer saree for her wedding day. She can also go for stylish salwar kameez for other events like sangeet and haldi rasam.
While choosing the dress for the D-day Women's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 1 Lows White Gold , one can either go for the traditional lehenga choli, ghagra or even the saree. If you are choosing sarees, then you can opt for designer ones that are offered by the best in the town Sarees Manufacturers.
With the wider option of choosing cloth shades, one can go for color combinations that were not there in the old traditional ones. The old and conventional colors were red and maroon, but now the modern bride is ready to try on and adorn a range of new era shades like orange Men's Under Armour UA Stephen Curry 1 Lows Black White , pink, blue and pastel hues.
To conclude, you can look as the most beautiful woman on earth during your wedding if you choose the right dresses and accessories for the occasion. There are thousands of suppliers online offering some of the great looking items for the bride and bridegroom; however the point is to choose the best quality items from the most trusted providers.

BERLIN, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- The election software used by Germanauthorities to compile and count votes contains serious securityflaws, making it susceptible to hacking Women's Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive 2s Black White , a group of informationtechnology (IT) specialists have found.

German newspaper ZEIT asked the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) toinvestigate the election software and reported on the findings onThursday. According to CCC spokesperson Linus Neumann, the programwas so poorly encrypted that it "should have never been used."

Martin Tschirsich, a 29-year-old postgraduate IT student at theUniversity of Darmstadt who found the flaws, noted that while votesare still counted by hand, they are subsequently summarized andtransmitted electronically. "The election is not safe. It can behacked Men's Under Armour UA Micro G Torchs Black ," he warned.

In his personal research, he identified a 30-year-old programcalled "PC Wahl," which is described by its developer as "themost-widely used election organization program by Germanadministrations." Although the program is officially only availablefor sale to government entities as a security measure, Tschirsichsucceeded in downloading the software online.

Furthermore, the 29-year-old discovered several passwords neededto access restricted features and even its source code throughsimple internet searches. His investigation revealed thatauthorities had relied on facile encryption techniques Men's Under Armour UA SpeedForm Gemini Royal Black , such as theuse of easy-to-guess passwords like "test."

Confronted with the prospect of hacking attempting to sabotagethe voting process, officials have insisted that Germany wasprotected by its use of hand-written ballots at the country's70,. Baseball Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys Online   Authentic NFL Jerseys China   Authentic Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   Custom NHL Jerseys China   Cheap Angels Jerseys   Cheap Chicago Cubs Jerseys   Wholesale Indians Jerseys   Wholesale St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys   Wholesale San Francisco Giants Jerseys



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