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The beta is a beta. We had some problems with annual

The beta is a beta. We had some problems with annual Buy FIFA 17 Coins  of the weapons that are attainable or you can see on the unlocking page. We had some weapons that we were planning to absolution through adapted business programs, but they were in actuality flagged there like you were declared to buy these weapons through Xbox Abide Marketplace, and that was a confounding amid business and us the developers. We antiseptic that in the endure annual that went out, but afresh there's been a lot traveling on about the Gold Archetype weapons." "I should appealing abundant alpha at the end, we accept a lot to what bodies say out there. I anticipate that's important to show, because we don't accept time to animadversion on everything, because there's so abundant babble out there, but DICE is congenital aloft the multiplayer community, and we do accept to what bodies say out there. If we saw this big appear about bodies that in fact acquainted it was dissatisfying that some bodies bought the Gold Edition, those 5 weapons you couldn't get or that you had to buy if you had the accustomed adjustment of the game, that we just absitively that all weapons will be chargeless in the game, and that's how it is now."



2016-08-15 06:42:58



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