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About 32 percent of the titles came from 11 Olympic sports, which are swimming and diving, badminton, gymnastics, shooting, volleyball, tennis Authentic Joe Namath Jersey , table tennis, weightlifting, wrestling, short track speed skating, freestyle skiing, said the report.

The report also said Chinese have shattered 13 world records in 2013 including four from as many Olympic sports - namely, swimming, shooting Jordan Jenkins Jersey , weightlifting and short track speed skating.

The report noted that China has won 2,876 world championships, Olympic and World Cup finals titles since 1978.

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Sex with the partner is the most exciting activities in human life. It is the best way to freshen up and charge the mind and body.

However, there are people who feel weak Leonard Williams Jersey , tired, stressed after sex. This may take places in young boys after masturbation or in a married person after coitus. And the weakness after sex can disturb the family life of the couple. However, there is no reason to be upset. The Bluze capsules can help to get rid of this problem.

The individual, who feels weak after sex or masturbation, needs treatment because gradually the weakness may increase and the problems such as loss of erection, weak erections and premature ejaculations will increase. Additionally, thickness and efficiency of semen may decrease. On the other hand, different kinds of problems arise such as drowsiness Joe Namath Jersey , pain in body, joints or eyes, headache etc. All of this can be prevented if treated timely.

Now the natural treatment for weakness after sex has very much improved. Especially, the Bluze capsules are too effective to prevent the post-sex weakness.

Causes of male weakness

There are various causes for feeling weakness after sex. Have a look to the following listing:

Hormones disorder: This is a common cause of weakness after masturbation or intercourse. There are many male hormones in the body like serum testosterones, DHEAS, thyroids, androstenidiones etc. So, it is essential to have the hormones test to find out the hormones disorder. In addition to Cheap Jets Hats , Bluze capsules may be used to get good result to enhance the sex power.

Other general diseases: Feeling weakness after sex can be arise due to different kinds of diseases like cardiac disorder, renal disorder, liver disorder, anemia, hypocalcemia, osteomalacia etc.

Asthenia: Excess Asthenia or Chronic Asthenia is also a major reason of weakness after sex.

Sickle cell disease, chronic pulmonary dysfunction, infections mono-nucleosis Cheap Jets T-Shirts , hepatitis, chronic prosttitis, and chronic urethritis can be the causes of weakness after sex.

Drugs: Some drugs, can cause weakness after sex. Sedative, tranquilizers, amphetamine, narcotics, anti-hypertensives Cheap Jets Hoodie , anti-psychotics, many antidepressant may harm the sexual power. So, before you take any drug, it is important that you should read the history of it before the treatment starts. Side by side, consuming of herbal supplements like, Bluze capsules helps reducing weakness after sex.

Addiction: Different kinds of addictions like alcohol, smoking, heroine Customized Jets Jerseys , cannabis, opiates, and marijuana can affect the sexual power very much.

Psychiatric disorder: Many psychiatric disorders like depression, neurosis, schizophrenia, obsessive - compulsive disorder can cause weakness after sex.

Disorders of se.



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